Coconut barfi recipe (Grandmom’s recipe)

Ingredients required

  • Coconut with it’s water
  • Sugar
  • Butter (ghee)
  • Food colour (optional)


  • Make a hole on the black spot on top of the coconut and take out all the water
  • Strain the water and keep it aside
  • Break the rest of the waterless coconut and take out it’s content and grate it
  • Take a pan and coat it with butter (ghee) so that the coconut does not stick on to it
  • Add the grated coconut and equal amount of sugar and cook it
  • Stir thoroughly while cooking so that it does not stick and form a ball
  • Add some coconut water after about 3 minutes and let it cook
  • Let it cook properly for about half an hour while stiring thoroughly till all the sugar melts, the coconut water absorbed and it becomes sticky
  • You can add some food colour and mix it if wanted (optional)
  • Spread the cooked coconut in a flat plate coated with butter and let it cool
  • After it cools, cut it into required shape and size
Take out the water and break the coconut
  Add equal amount of sugar and cook it
Spread it in a flat plate and cut it into desired shape and size after it cools

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